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Define the WHY of OKRs with the sponsor

To successfully implement the OKR method, it is absolutely crucial to discuss with the sponsor. Define with him the reasons why you want to adopt this approach and its relevance for your organization. “Why OKRs? “, “What will this allow us to achieve?”, “Why is it important now?”.

You have to think about the “why” in the context of the organization, and not just set it up because it’s fashionable or because the sponsor has read a book on the subject.

The coach will have to accompany the sponsor in this reflection and ensure that this message is shared repeatedly, especially during the first cycle of launch of the program.

To help you, you can use with the sponsor and his team, the playbook canvas that Laurent Morisseau makes available for free:

What are the expected benefits?

He must express the concrete benefits he expects from this method for his company. The sponsor must be a leader and active supporter of the program. They must be able to clearly communicate the importance and value of this approach. This is a crucial step to ensure the success of the OKR method and to ensure that the entire organization is involved and motivated to achieve these goals.

The expected benefits are generally:

  • Focus on results: OKRs allow you to focus on the key results that really matter to the business and ensure that all efforts are directed towards achieving those results.
  • Strategic alignment : OKRs will be used to align each team’s objectives with the strategy and ensure that all employees are on the same page.
  • Commitment and autonomy: OKRs allow team members to set their goals, choose their initiatives and measure their impact. In this, they promote their commitment and autonomy.
  • Monitoring and evaluation : With the monitoring cycles of the method, the company will be able to evaluate in a measured way the progress of its performance to achieve its ambitions.
  • Transparency : OKRs are shared across the organization, creating transparency and a common understanding of the company’s strategy and goals.
  • Empowerment and surpassing : OKRs invite you to step out of your comfort zone and make a difference with Business As Usual.

Who is the sponsor?

The sponsor is preferably the CEO of the company or a member of the CoDir or ComEx. A department manager or a team manager can also be a sponsor in their scope of activity. It sometimes happens that HR is mandated to implement the OKR approach, in which case the agent must take the role of sponsor. Indeed, it is not desirable for the HR manager to be the sponsor. The OKR framework is a tool for business growth. OKRs are about business, not employee management.

What will be its role as a sponsor?

The sponsor plays a key role in the success of OKRs and has many responsibilities. It is important that they understand their role and responsibilities in the OKR framework. Understanding their role can impact the organization’s motivation to achieve its goals. It is therefore important to discuss with him and ensure that he can effectively fulfill his responsibilities.

The role of the sponsor:

Definition of objectives : The sponsor is responsible for defining (with his team) the strategic OKRs to be achieved and ensuring that they are aligned with the organization’s strategy.

Communication : communicates OKRs throughout the organization and ensures that everyone understands their importance and how they fit into the overall strategy.

Support : it explains the WHY, encourages and accompanies the teams in the definition and achievement of their objectives and key results.

Monitoring and evaluation : checks that teams have the necessary resources to achieve these objectives and makes adjustments if necessary.

Commitment : The sponsor ensures that the entire organization is involved and motivated to achieve OKRs. It can hold regular meetings to monitor progress on key objectives and results and promote collaboration and innovation.

What resources for the OKR program?

For the OKR program to be successful, the organization and the sponsor must be prepared to put the necessary means. This includes: training teams and individuals, promoting collaboration and innovation, and clearly communicating OKRs to the organization. In addition, it must monitor progress and ensure the commitment of the entire organization to achieve these objectives.

The necessary means:

Implement a training program : It will be necessary to train teams and individuals on the OKR approach and how to define and measure key objectives and results.

Free up time for collaboration: To promote collaboration and innovation, it is essential to take time to discuss and reflect collectively. This may require slowing down the organization’s productivity on an ad hoc basis in order to free up time for these activities. By taking this time, the organization can accelerate its long-term performance.

Adopt a culture of transparency : For OKRs to be effective, open and transparent communication must be fostered throughout the organization. This can be disruptive for the company’s culture. The organization must be prepared to create an environment conducive to change.

Ensure monitoring and steering : it will be necessary to set up a follow-up of the progress of OKRs. Finally, ensure that teams have the necessary resources and time to ensure the management of actions.

✅ ❗ Exemplary management commitment: leading by example through discipline in the conduct of meetings and transparency of OKR progress, through encouraging and involved leadership.

Again to help you, you can use the “Commitment of the management team” canvas of the playbook that Laurent Morisseau makes available for free:

OKRs are effective when communication is open and transparent in the organization.

In conclusion, before you start

First of all, it is necessary to ensure the consistency of the approach with the sponsor and clarify its role. The company and the sponsor must commit to investing the necessary means to implement this method.

Once these essential baseline requirements are established, the company has a better chance of successfully implementing OKRs.

The OKR Playbook by Laurent MORISSEAU

You can use Laurent Morisseau’s excellent free Playbook to help you.

✅ And you? What are your first steps to set up OKRs? Let us know in comment ⬇

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